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Southstar manufactures all kinds of deck ovens, pizza ovens, convection ovens, rotary ovens, tunnel ovens and relevant machines and equipment, such as proofers, retarder proofers, roll-in proofers, dough mixers, planetary mixers, egg beaters, dough dividers, dough divider and rounders, dough moulders, dough sheeters, bread slicers etc.

  • 30

    Years of experience

  • 16

    10000 square meters workshop

  • 580

    Employees in service

  • 400

    Multiple agents


About Southstar

Guangzhou Southstar Machinery Facilities Co., LTD, was established in 1991.As one of the leading manufacturers of bakery machines and equipment in China, Southstar has two factories, over 160,000㎡ workshops and 580 experienced workers......

 To be a company creating enjoyment in life, convenience in technology and a cradle in nurturing quality people.

 To supply our clients intelligent, convenient, cost effective products and service.

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